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Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk Download(100% Watermark free) 2023

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Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk Download For android and use the premium features for free to level up your video editing skills. Kinemaster is the best video editor and also the no#1 choice for smartphone users as well.

There is nothing more difficult than editing your videos. Kinemaster Pro Apk is the best video editing app that will help you to take your video’s editing skills to the next level. 

Today we’re gonna share with you an amazing video editing app that is kinemaster premium. With this app you can edit your videos in a professional way for free and fast. 

This video editor is basically developed for the android users but you can also use it for PC as well and edit your videos on pc easily. Depending on your choice where you feel comfortable with it. Either on mobile or on pc. 

This video editor app supports multi-layer video along with images, text editing and the art of video cutting and trimming. Apart from that you can add multi-track audio, control volume according to your need, Add 3D transitions, chroma key, No Watermark Videos (This feature is included only in modified or premium version). 

Kinemaster App is perfect for creating professional videos on mobile phones. With this app you can work on 3-D transition, LUT filters and much more. 

The more you explore this app the more you will find stunning tools and filters in this app. Even Though this app is perfect for the content creators as well to make professional videos within less time. 

About Kinemaster Pro Apk

Kinemaster Pro

Basically Kinemaster Pro App is a completely unlocked version with premium features included. This is the best video editor app for android phones and also gives your videos a professional look. 

With this app you can edit your videos easily and in a professional manner.  There are a lot of Video Editing mobiles apps and kinemaster Premium is among the best of all these. 

Because, they provide extra features to their users and also the professional outcome by using this app. The best feature of this app is you can use a green screen (Chroma Key), overlays, fonts, media layers and much more. 

This app also has a free version but with the free version you can only use limited things. A Lot more stuff of this application is for their premium users. For the premium users you have to pay for it and are able to use this video editing app with full functionality. 

Most of the people who are not able to pay for the premium membership rely on the modified versions. 

Here we shared with you a complete premium version of this app for free. So you can use the premium feature of this app for free without paying a single penny. 

If you want to create high quality videos in HD quality then kinemaster pro is the best choice for you. With kinemaster you can add text to your videos, music (either by uploading directly from your device or use in app music), and other different effects to your videos easily. 

In addition to this, you can trim, merge video clips, adjust color and brightness of your video you are editing according to your need. 

Why Kinemaster Pro?

Kinemaster basically comes up with 2 versions. One is the free version with limited features, and the other one is the premium version with more features. 

Kinemaster offers 2 subscriptions. One is on a monthly basis and will charge you $4.99 USD. The other one is an annual subscription that will charge you $39.99 USD. 

Free versions with limited features are ok but will not give a professional look as compared to the premium version. To use the premium version of this app you have to pay for it. 

But what do you do? If you don’t have a single penny to pay for it. Definitely you will prefer the kinemaster pro apk which is modified and now available for free. 

With this mod apk you can use premium features of this app for free without paying a single penny. One more important thing about this videos editor is they have also other version like kinemaster lite, kinemaster blue and kinemaster diamond, Gold, Indonesia & Green. Depending on your wish to choose the one or use all at a time.

My Review About Kinemaster App Without Watermark 

I have been using this app both paid & free versions, and found it a very useful app specially for the content creators. 

With this app you can edit your videos and give them a professional look by using different filters and other effects. 

Moreover, with the help of Kinemaster App Without Watermark you can create videos without watermark that give an appealing effect to your videos.

Keep In Mind!

If you have already using the free version of this app please uninstall it first and then download this app by clicking on the Download Apk button and download the latest version with full access of assets free of cost.

Additional Information

App Name Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk
Modified Version V6.3.4.28555.GP
Size 84 MB
Android Required 5.0 Or Higher
Last Updated On 08/10/2023

Features Of Kinemaster App Without Watermark

Here in this section we explain all the premium and free features of this app. Read all the feature details and it will help you while using this app. Keep reading this and also share it as well.

  1. Cropping Videos
  2. Use Of Chroma Key
  3. Use Of Animations
  4. Without Watermark Videos
  5. Add Transition Effects In Your Videos
  6. Multi Layer Concept
  7. Support 2k, 4k & Ultra HD Export
  8. Add Voice Recording 
  9. Speed Control Feature 
  10. Multi Track Audio 
  11. Asset Store With Premium Stuff
  12. Zooming Effect
  13. Direct Sharing 

Cropping Videos

Cropping videos and clips is kind of a difficult task and also a time consuming process. With the help of this video editor app you can easily trim the video layers easily and fastly to grab the actual part of the video that you want to use in the video. So now your time will be saved on this process and the most important aspect of this feature is it will be as accurate as other heavy editing softwares.

Use Of Chroma Key

If we say chroma key is the best feature among all then we are not wrong by saying this. Chroma key basically uses the green screen concept that can easily change the background of your video, split your videos into two to three separate parts and can easily merge them with high quality effects. The green screen effect was actually used in high quality pc softwares but now it is available for the mobile users in kinemaster pro. This chroma key feature is easy to use and it can bring some professional look to your videos.

Use Of Animations

Animations bring more engagement to your videos you are making. Kinemaster provides you different animations and also you can use from external sources by downloading them and using them in your own project. It’s totally up to you how you will use it and what type of animation you need.

Without Watermark Videos

Keep in mind while using the free version of this KM App, a watermark will always be attached to your videos. A watermark gives an unprofessional look to your videos. So to remove the kinemaster watermark from your videos you have two steps. Either by buying the paid membership from app purchase or download kinemaster pro apk from our website and use all the premium features for free. Depending on your choice.

Add Transition Effects In Your Videos

Transaction effects are widely used in bollywood and hollywood films that makes these films more thrilling and fantastic. If you are already using the KM app then you might be familiar with it. The most widely used transactions in Kinemaster are wipe in, wipe out, fade, dissolve and many others. All these transactions are one step away from you. These all transactions can be added with just a single step.

Multi Layer Concept

Multi layer is used in kinemaster pro and you can add up to too many layers such as text, image, handwriting, and overlay. Adjust these layers accordingly and add some good animation effects to make your videos look more professional.

Support 2k, 4k & Ultra HD Export

Many other video editor apps are available on the internet but they can’t support ultra HD export. When it comes to kinemaster it supports 2k and as well as 4k and ultra HD export as well. With 4k ultra HD support you can watch videos in HD quality.

Add Voice Recording 

This is the best feature of the kinemaster app that you can add your own voice recording to the videos as well. There are two ways to add your voice recording. 

Either by uploading the already recorded voice or add your voice to videos directly you are editing. 

Speed Control Feature 

Speed control feature is the best feature while editing your videos. You can set the slowest video speed i-e 0.25X and as much as fast up to 16X. 

It totally depends on the situation and your needs. Either you need a slow or high speed in your videos. 

Multi Track Audio

Mul track audio means this app allows you to add more than 1 audio track to your videos. Or to mix more than 8 audio tracks and combine them according to your need.

The mixing of audios totally depends on what type of video you are editing. So, first define your needs and then edit your videos according to them.

Asset Store With Premium Stuff

All the apps that are available in the play store have some free and premium stuff. Free version has the free stuff that you can use without paying for it. 

But on the other hand for the premium assets you have to buy the membership of the desired app. Same in case of the kinemaster. 

This app comes up with monthly and yearly subscriptions. On the monthly basis they will charge you $4.99 USD and for yearly they will charge $29.99 USD. 

That is a huge amount for the normal person. So for such a reason we share Kinemaster Mod Apk for android latest version 2023 to use the premium asset for free of cost. 

Zooming Effect

Sometimes we need to highlight the important part of our video so mainly we highlight with colors or apply zoom on such objects. This is also the best feature that is offered by kinemaster. So you can also use this as well in your videos.

Direct Sharing

Direct sharing option is not available in most of the video editor apps. But while using the kinemaster app you can share your edited videos directly to your social media accounts. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other options are available including saving to your device instead.

Updated Features

  • All premium features are now free and available in a modified version.
  • You can remove the watermark from videos easily.
  • Trim, slice and splice your videos frame by frame.
  • New color addition.
  • Speed up  or down your videos speed easily.
  • Addition of 2D & 3D concept used in kinemaster pro.
  • Hue, Brightening, & Saturation controlling.
  • Share your edited videos directly on social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and more.
  • Sound Fade In/ Fade Out.
  • Preview directly your project.

What’s New in  v6.3.4.28555.GP:

  • Fully Unlocked With Pro Features
  • Watermark Free Videos
  • Ads Free.
  • Full Access to Assets.
  • A11, A12 Parse Error Fixed
  • Video & Gif Export Error Fixed.
  • Added New Fonts.
  • Color Adjustment Tools 
  • Share edited videos directly on social media feeds.


  • Unauthorize Access To Assets Store Fixed.
  • Watermark Appearing Bug Fixed.
  • Chroma Key Bug Fixed.

How To Install Kinemaster Mod Apk?

There are several steps you can follow and install the modded version of kinemaster easily.To install this modified version please follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. First uninstall the free version from your mobile phone.
  2. In step 2 download the modded version of this app from the above shared downloaded url.
  3. After downloading the modded version from the website go to the Settings and Then in the Security option.
  4. In the security option make sure Unknown Resources are checked.
  5. The fifth step is to open the file that you download from our website.
  6.  Now simply install it in your mobile and enjoy the premium features for free.

Pros & Cons


  • Edit & export your videos in 4K.
  • Make Professional Videos On Your Phone.
  • Watermark Free Videos. 


  • Suddenly Stop Working Or crash your project sometimes.
  • 24/7 Online support not available.

Error’s & Their Solutions 

Here are a few errors that everyone is facing while installing this video editor app. 

Error 1. File Can’t Open.

Solution: This is because of the file permission. To resolve this issue kindly give permission from the setting as we mention in step 3 in the installation guide.

Error 2. Kinemaster Mod Not Working. 

Solution: This is because you are using the outdated version of this app. Kindly delete the old one and download the new version from our website and reinstall by following the installation steps.

Error 3. Unable To Export Videos

Solution: As we mentioned earlier due to different versions you have to face different problems.  This error will occur because you are using version between 5.0.9 and 6.0.0. To solve this issue use 5.0.8 or less.

Error 4. Watermark Still Appearing

Solution: A simple solution to this is delete the old version and install the new kinemaster mod apk from our website and edit your videos watermark free.

Video Guide


Here are some important questions that we covered in this section of the article. If we miss something that are important please share with us by visiting contact us page or email us.

How To Download Kinemaster Without Watermark?

Ans: To download kinemaster without a watermark apk you have to buy either premium subscription from app purchases or to use a modified version that we shared above.

Is Kinemaster Good For Editing?

Ans: Kinemaster is the best app for editing your videos easily on your mobile phone. It will help you to edit and export videos up to 4k resolution.

Is Kinemaster Pro Worth It?

Ans: An excellent software for quick video editing for mobile users, and definitely KM pro worth it. Especially for the mobile versions.

Is kinemaster Has Monthly Subscription?

Ans: Yes, it has a monthly subscription and it will charge you up to $4.99 USD.

Is kinemaster free?

Ans: Yes, kinemaster is free software for editing your videos directly from mobile. Kinemaster has both free and paid versions. Free version with limited resources and watermark videos and the premium version with full access and watermark free videos.

How Do I Stop Paying For Kinemaster?

Ans: The only way to stop paying for kinemaster, just download the modified version from our website and start using their paid version for free.

Does kinemaster Support 4k Editing?

Ans: Yes KM supports 4k editing.

Which Video Editor Is Best For Youtube?

Ans: Kinemaster Pro is the best video editor for youtube to edit your videos up to 4k and ultra HD.

How Do I Remove Kinemaster Watermark 2023?

Ans: You can remove kinemaster watermark either by purchasing the premium version or by using the mod apk of this video editor that we share with you.

Final Verdict

As we all know, editing your videos on mobile was a tough job in earlier days. But when the kinemaster pro app was launched with some great features like adding multiple layers, audio tracks, speed control, green screen and many others bring your editing to the next level. Apart from that with kinemaster pro apk you can edit watermark free videos. Moreover, if you have any query about this app please feel free to ask us via contact us page or email us. We will be in touch with you shortly and solve your desired query as soon as possible.