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Kinemaster Diamond Apk Download Latest Version V6.4.1 For Android 2023

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Kinemaster Diamond Apk provides you premium features of the kinemaster for free. Download latest version of diamond kinemaster and enjoy the premium features for free.

About Kinemaster Diamond

kinemaster diamond

If you are in search of kinemaster diamond then you are in a right place to download it and use the premium features of the kinemaster for free, the same like offered in the kinemaster pro and kinemaster green. As you all know on this site we always provide the original and working apk of the apps that we offer on the site.

Many of us are not aware of complex pc softwares to edit our videos so in this scenario this is the best app that will help you to edit your videos in a professional way.

There are numerous versions of this app available on the internet and every version of this app is best and will help you to edit your videos on mobile phone easily and in a professional way.

We shared a detail guide on this that will help you while editing your videos. Keep reading these articles that would be beneficial for you in feature.


Kinemaster Diamond is a paid version of the kinemaster App both for android and IOS. There are some good features of this app that they offered to their users. Feel free to download and use this app.

No Watermark Or Branding Logo On The videos

For watermark or branding logo free videos make sure you have the paid version of the kinemaster. If you can’t afford a kinemaster subscription then we must recommend you to download kinemaster diamond. With this version you can use the premium version for free. While using this version you can create watermark free videos and it will bring professional impact to your videos.

Multiple Layers

With the help of this video editor app you can create multiple layers of videos, images, stickers, text, handwriting and some special effects. Multiple layer concept is the best feature with which you can make your video more professional. Apart from that it has no limit to how many layers. So use as many layers as you can but make sure that you don’t not use unnecessary layers to make your project unprofessional.

Multiple Green Screen Layers For Advanced Video Editing

Green screen is the best feature of kinemaster diamond and you can use multiple green screen layers in your videos for advanced editing and make your video look more professional. 

Audio Mixing & Equalizer

Audio mixing & equalizing this is the best feature that you can use in your any project. With the help of this feature you can mix two different audios and play with it according to your need.

Control Video Clips Speed

Sometimes we need to increase or slow the speed of our video that we are making. In this video editor you can simply increase, decrease and edit videos to a normal quality depending only on your need.

Large Library Of Transitions, Special, & Sound Effects

In the video editor app there is a large library of transitions, special & sound effects available that you can use in your video to give them a professional look. The more you use beautiful and amazing effects in your videos the more it will look stunning. Don’t use over effects, always keep it simple, clean and professional.

Use Adjustment Tools For Brightness, Saturation & Hue Effects

Adjustment tools like brightness, saturation and Hue effects will make your video more fine and will increase the quality of your videos.

Cutting & Trim Your Videos Easily.

This is one of my favorite features that I personally use while editing the videos. With the help of this feature you can easily cut video at any point or trim it with just a few steps. This video editor will

Import Videos & Audios In various Formats

Importing videos and audios in various formats. Yes, you heard exactly what I said. In kinemaster diamond apk you can import video or audio for your project in any quality and in any format. Depending on your choice which exactly you need for your project.

Export Up to 4K Resolution

4k is the best resolution of any video and this version of kinemaster allows you to export your projects in 4k quality. The more you export best

Access Asset Store To Use Additional Assets & effects

Accet store consist of additional assets and effects that you can use only if you are a premium user. If you can’t afford the premium membership for this then we must recommend you to use this app to access premium things for free.

  1. How to download Kinemaster Diamond Apk latest version 2023?

    To download kinemaster diamond apk latest version 2023 for android follow the steps mention above.

  2. Is it save to use kinemaster Diamond?

    Yes, it is 100% safe to use.


To edit your videos in a professional way kinemaster Diamond is the best video editor app. This video editor app will help you to edit your daily life videos in a professional manner. Moreover, it has beautiful effects and tools that you can use to make videos more fine and quality wise better. So what are you waiting for,  download this app now and start editing your videos professionally.

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